Frequently Asked Questions

About the Architect - Josh Helmink

What does he know about Trucks and Fuel Logistics?
He once worked for a Logistics contractor to BP New Zealand for 6 years.
What does he know about Mathematical Models?
His University background was in Mechanical Engineering.
What does he know about building Software?
He has worked in Software development in London for many years. While in London he and business partner ran their own Software development business.
What happens if he gets hit by a bus?
We have a Business Continuity Management Plan in place where another developer will take over maintenance of the system.

Hosting and Data Protection

Where does my data sit?
The server is currently hosted with Openhost, a well known New Zealand based hosting company.
Will I always be able to access the system?
Openhost offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
How do I know my data is safe?
Openhost take nightly backups of the database. We also take weekly offsite backups, and verify they can be restored.
How do I know my data is secure?
Openhost have a secure data centre. Your connection to the server connection is secured with SSL to protect data in transit. We perform internal and external security testing to ensure no unauthorised access can occur.